Work in Progress: SMB 3 Super Star Wall Hanging

Super Mario Bros 3 super star wall hanging WIP

It’s been many months since I’ve made a wall hanging. This is an unfinished one from over a year ago. I’ve learned a bunch of new techniques since then. If I were to make this wall hanging again from beginning to end, there are a few things I’d do differently. It’s nice to look back and see the tangible improvements I’ve made in my sewing/quilting since I started ~1.5 years ago.

Anyway, this one has been ditch stitched in invisible thread and it’s ready to have the binding put on it.

Super Mario Bros. 3 fire flower fabric

Here are some fabrics that I’m going to use for an upcoming project: a fire flower cover for my baby carrier. I need to create a muslin for the cover first. There’s darts involved and ugh, but I’m no less excited to see the final result!

WIP Wednesday, freshly pieced

Work in Progress: SMB 3 Small Mario Baby Quilt

Super Mario Bros. 3 Small Mario Quilt - work in progress

I had put this Small Mario baby quilt on the back burner for awhile, because this will be the second one I’ve made. The first belongs to my tiny gamer toddler; I’m going to put this one in my Etsy shop when I’ve finished it.

Don’t you just love my design wall? It’s so complicated, I might just make a tutorial for it ;) Ha! Batting and painter’s tape, what could be easier?

To the left of my Mario pieces are some charm squares from my new favourite fabric line, Miss Kate by Bonnie and Camille. I was thinking how similar in colour this line is to my Mario fabrics. I think it’d a scrappy Mario quilt using Miss Kate would be cute. Or would it be horrifying? Anyway, I’m all for it :)

Super Mario Bros. 3 Small Mario Quilt - work in progress

Not the best picture, but I wanted to show a close-up of my piecing. I think I’m getting pretty accurate. The hardest thing is making sure the squares are cut precisely. I make sure to pin everything so nothing shifts.

Super Mario Bros. 3 Small Mario quilt and Raccoon Mario quilt - works in progress

What’s been taking up a lot of my sewing time is my big Raccoon (not to be confused with Tanooki) Mario quilt that I blogged about last week. I like seeing these two quilts next to each other; they’re both made with 2 inch squares, so they’re in proportion with each other. I just noticed that Mario’s eyes stay the same size but everything else changes!

Super Mario Bros. 3 Small Mario Quilt - work in progress

I had my husband tape up my fabulous design wall. I left the room and I came back to this. I suppose it’d be easier for Mario to break those blocks if his feet were on his head.

WIP Wednesday, freshly pieced

Work in Progress: SMB 3 Raccoon Mario Quilt

In May, a friend commissioned me to make a raccoon Mario quilt that would be large enough to cover the recipient from head to toe. I had never made a quilt that big before, but I figured it couldn’t be that much harder than the lap-sized ones I’ve already made. It actually hasn’t been too bad; looking back on how far I’ve come, I can’t remember half the things I was worried about. Well, some things are coming to mind, but I’ll save the griping for the finished quilt blog post. :)
Tanooki Raccoon Mario quilt by 8-bit Ellie

This quilt is 70″ x 70″ inches. I used Kona cotton on the front and a soft minky fabric on the back. I’m stitching-in-the-ditch for every single seam. That’s a lot of thread! You might be able to tell that I’ve already quilted along every second seam in both directions.

Quilting on Kona azure fabric
Here’s the back of the quilt. I’m just starting to quilt the remaining rows in one direction. I use the stopwatch app on my phone and I try to beat my time for each row. It takes me about 3 minutes to quilt one row.
Binding made with Kona azure fabricI made a bunch of binding in matching Azure blue. I’m not sure that it’s enough, but I really do not want to lay it all out and measure it. I’m sure my cat would love if I did, though. That’s a 3DS XL for size reference :) A happy coincidence that they match!

I’m hoping that I’ll have this finished by the end of next week, because I plan to reward myself with Professor Layton vs Pheonix Wright, which comes out on August 29th. Wish me luck!

WIP Wednesday at freshly pieced