Work in Progress: SMB 3 Small Mario Baby Quilt

Super Mario Bros. 3 Small Mario Quilt - work in progress

I had put this Small Mario baby quilt on the back burner for awhile, because this will be the second one I’ve made. The first belongs to my tiny gamer toddler; I’m going to put this one in my Etsy shop when I’ve finished it.

Don’t you just love my design wall? It’s so complicated, I might just make a tutorial for it ;) Ha! Batting and painter’s tape, what could be easier?

To the left of my Mario pieces are some charm squares from my new favourite fabric line, Miss Kate by Bonnie and Camille. I was thinking how similar in colour this line is to my Mario fabrics. I think it’d a scrappy Mario quilt using Miss Kate would be cute. Or would it be horrifying? Anyway, I’m all for it :)

Super Mario Bros. 3 Small Mario Quilt - work in progress

Not the best picture, but I wanted to show a close-up of my piecing. I think I’m getting pretty accurate. The hardest thing is making sure the squares are cut precisely. I make sure to pin everything so nothing shifts.

Super Mario Bros. 3 Small Mario quilt and Raccoon Mario quilt - works in progress

What’s been taking up a lot of my sewing time is my big Raccoon (not to be confused with Tanooki) Mario quilt that I blogged about last week. I like seeing these two quilts next to each other; they’re both made with 2 inch squares, so they’re in proportion with each other. I just noticed that Mario’s eyes stay the same size but everything else changes!

Super Mario Bros. 3 Small Mario Quilt - work in progress

I had my husband tape up my fabulous design wall. I left the room and I came back to this. I suppose it’d be easier for Mario to break those blocks if his feet were on his head.

WIP Wednesday, freshly pieced


  1. Julie   •  

    Very nice work! I suppose it would be easier for Mario to break those blocks with feet on his head. Hehehe… Sewing those little blocks together, well, you do a fantastic job!

  2. Philipa (Ozzypip)   •  

    love your quilt. I have a daughter in law (well son’s partner) who is a gamer (I refer to her as Gamer Girl on my blog) and I am sure she would love a quilt like this. I might have to get creative and make something like it one day

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